Our retailers

We are actively collaborating with a large network of retailers in France. Without them, we would not exist !

The relationship we have tried to establish between EOLYS beauté and every retailer is going far beyond the simple relationship between a supplier and a retailer. Our major ambition is to position ourselves as a true partner for each point of sale. We are ready to invest and our focus is definitely sell out oriented. The logical is simple : the more they sell, the more they will buy from us.

With more than 650 retail partners all over the French territory, we can offer a full flexibility in order to work “a la carte” and then fully comply with individual needs.

We wish to sincerely thank all our retailers for their trust and we dedicate this chapter to them.



We collaborate with more than 400 beauty salons, spas, thermal & thalasso centers. These points of sales offer a treatment experience in their cabins and deliver a high value advice for consumers. All our brands are represented into this  qualitative channel  driven by passionate professionals.

400 independant spas all over the french territory offer our brands. We also have special partnerships with 5 stars hotels.

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Several brands from our portfolio have a true expertise in spa and particularly in hotels spas. Our treatment menu is large enough to cover all needs and we can also supply room amenities to boost traffic into spa.

Several thermal centers purchase from us some famous ingredients like mud or salts.

Recreative water centers is fast developing in France and they look for high quality products to create a true dynamism within their treatment menu.


22.000 pharmacies are active in France. Among them, 5.000 have a significant beauty offer. In store staff is particularly service oriented and expectations of consumers are extremely high due to the medical environment. We collaborate today with all the major french pharmacies.



French parapharmacies compliment the offer from pharmacies. Their beauty assortment is muche larger and they mighjt also enjoy a beauty cabin in order to perform treatments. We supply different chains like Parapharmacies Monoprix, Auchan, E.leclerc, Cora or parapharmacies Tanguy.


Monoprix parapharmacies are fast developing in the past few years. Tehy benefit from a high traffic of high class customers. Chains of parapharmacies or “drugstores” are particularly dynamic on the French market. We collaborate with almost all of them. Our n°1 added value for them is to mutualise strengths of all our brands into each store. Working with EOLYS beauté means a lot for these chains : they have a limited number of contacts for a large number of brands and a high quality of service. Synergies & economies of scale are real on a daily basis !


Cosmetics products are now available everywhere. To follow our customers, we are active on several channels.


We collaborate with Department stores. Le bon Marché is a must in Paris. You will find our brands there.

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We supply several”pure players” on line. Being very active on internet is crucial to re-drive the traffic into stores. We also operate our own 4 e-boutiques.

The specialty stores on organic products have drastically developed their beauty offer. We are there !

Importer and Distributor of cosmetics in France